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Looking for:

15th AAF / 450th Bomb Group / 722nd Bomb Squadron

B-24 Liberator Crew Members

My name is Chad Portenga and my grandfather served on a B-24 during most of 1944 and early 1945. I'm looking for members of his squadron that remember him or the squadron. His name is Charles W. (Bill) Norris III. I would love to hear the stories and maybe meet some of the crew and their families.

Bill passed gently from his home in Florida into the arms of heaven shortly after midnight, August 27, 2008.  I thank God for the years I had with him and look to the day that we are reunited once again.


Crewmembers to the best of my knowledge were:
(Please forgive me if names or spelling are wrong - they are taken from faded notes on backs of pictures)


 George Kincaid - Pilot (final flight on August 9, 1993)

 Sumner Field - Co-Pilot

 Jimmy Watson - Navigator

 Fred (Cookie) Cook - Bombardier

 Charles (Bill) Norris - Flight Engineer (final flight on August 27, 2008)

 Richard Wiuff (pronounced View) - Nose Gunner

 Jim Cullen - Radio Operator & Waist Gunner

 Norman White - Assistant Engineer & Waist Gunner

 David Barr - Armour / Ball (Belly) Gunner

 Joe Demers - Tail Gunner


I have received word that their plane was actually called "Holy Joe" (Tail # 57) and may have been serial number 42-51771. However, some other sites show that this serial # and tail # may not match and may have been called something else. Please send me an e-mail if you know ANYTHING about this plane.

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